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Compliance Grungs Video Series

Video Series: Compliance Grungs

Compliance Grungs destroy your safety culture and cause great suffering and pain. It is extremely important to recognize, identify and eliminate Compliance Grungs in your organization if you want to create a value-driven safety process. Emphasis should always be on hazards and the application of controls to eliminate hazards through designing and applying for safety. When employees buy into safety as a personal value, Compliance Grungs will be exterminated for good.

Session 1 – Compliance Grungs Overview

Are Compliance Grungs Taking Over Your Organization?

  • Recognize “Compliance Grungs” in your organization
  • Describe differences between “Compliance Grungs” and safety by design
  • Develop and implement safety by design methods to exterminate “Compliance Grungs”

Session 2 – What are Compliance Grungs?

Safety rules, procedures and programs that are out to get us!

  • The rule is more important than the application
  • Rules and procedures don’t fit specific work
  • The “what, why, when and where” is unknown
  • Pencil-whipping is occurring!

Session 3 – What is Safety?

  • “Compliance Only” Safety
  • “Design” for Safety “Apply” for Safety

Session 4 – Recognizing Compliance Grungs

Do Not Assume!

  • Observations/audits
  • Illicit feedback
  • Get everyone involved

Session 5 – Eliminating Compliance Grungs

What is the desired result?

  • Regulatory (OSHA Rule)
  • Procedure (SOP, etc.)
  • Process (JHA, Job Briefing, HP Tools, etc.)