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Electric Power On-Site Safety Staffing

Does Your Company Need Safety Support Staff?

Often electric power projects require an on-site safety representative, but it’s not feasible for companies to hire in-house safety staff. We can provide qualified site safety professionals that will work with your project management team until all construction activity has been completed. SET Solutions’ staff of qualified individuals has the knowledge and skill to meet your needs for short- and long-term electric power construction projects.

SET will review all site-specific safety plans along with identified task specific plans furnished by the contractor and field monitor all plans for compliance. SET will provide detailed matrix/benchmarks reports identifying gaps in contractor plans along with details on front line leader’s ability to support and manage the safety process on their work-site. Oversight services will include:

  • On-site safety support
  • Safety observations
  • Site audits
  • Incident reporting and RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly safety management reports