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Human Performance Improvement for Electric Power Employees

Do You Need to Move Your Employee Performance and Safety Processes to the Next Level?

SET Solutions’ staff have years of electric power and employee behavioral experience to help you move your safety process to a higher level. Do you wonder why “events” occur when employees are trained and know the rules? If you are committed to eliminate serious accidents and events that are caused by human error and are dedicated to improve the human performance of your employees, we can help develop the tools to achieve your goals.

Our developed process for Organizations uses performance improvement principles that have been successful in improving safety and performance for Airlines, Medical Professionals and Nuclear Power Organizations. Our program will address the following areas:

  • How you can influence employee behaviors
  • How you can tell if the problem is organizational or just employees behaving badly
  • Understand why employees keep doing unsafe things
  • How crew dynamics affect safety
  • How to diagnose problems before you spend thousands of dollars on the cure
  • What the big deal is about root cause analysis
  • How to construct barriers that will prevent serious accidents and events
  • How to implement and sustain improved performance