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Human Performance Training for Electric Power Operations

Are you looking for Human Performance Improvement training for electric power operations?

SET Solutions offers Human Performance Improvement (HPI) safety training services designed for electric power operations.

The purpose of a human performance improvement processes is to eliminate human errors that can cause an unwanted incident. There is a strong need for a human performance in electric power organizations because of the high risk nature of the industry. We understand that it’s the people who generate and deliver the power to customers; it’s the people who suffer from injuries and trigger unwanted events and it’s the people who can improve the performance of the company. To successfully minimize human errors that cause unwanted incidents, it is necessary to understand what contributes to those errors. SET will also work with organizations to develop specific training based on individual needs. SET Solutions’ Human Performance programs help individuals understand why errors occur so that the specific types of errors that are causing unwanted incidents can be eliminated. Training will include the following elements.

  • Human Performance Principles- Why do People Make Mistakes?
  • Understanding Human Nature
  • Understanding Personal Risk Tolerance
  • Understanding Critical Tasks and Error Likely Situations
  • Situational Awareness and Safety Drift
  • Breaking down “TRAPS” and Implementing Error Prevention Tools