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Supervisor Safety Management Training Series

supervisor training seriesOur popular Supervisor Safety Management Series is designed to educate frontline leaders. A frontline leader needs to understand their role in safety, how they fit into the safety process and their responsibilities as a leader of the safety process. Our courses can be taught indivisibly or in a series. An optional OSHA 10-hour General Industry or Construction Course may be added as requested. Note: This series can be tailored to electric power frontline leaders.

Course Title: Utility Safety Basics for Supervisors

This course is a one-day class designed to provide supervisors with a fundamental overview of the “Safety” process.

Topics include:

  • Review the advancement of “safety” in electric utilities- Why is “Safety” so important in today’s utility workforce.
  • Define the term “Safety Process”
  • Review OSHA's role in the prevention and elimination of work related illnesses and injuries.
  • Review consensus standards in safety program implementation- The “How” of Safety
  • Review the employers responsibility as defined by OSHA • Define basic safety terms and concepts as they relate to a supervisor

Course Title: So you are the Supervisor! What role do you play in the safety process?

This is a 2-day course designed to provide supervisors with details concerning their responsibility in the safety process. The old theory of “we must be safe because we don’t have accidents” will be reviewed. Supervisors will be challenged to think beyond this theory as it relates to their work environment.

This course will be interactive and will include a course assignment.

  • Define roles, responsibility and accountability in the safety process
  • Learn Leadership techniques
  • Discuss safety performance measurements - measuring beyond “accident rates”
  • Learn the importance of identifying hazards and unsafe behaviors when nothing has occurred (proactive vs. reactive safety)
  • Learn hazard abatement strategies for controlling and or eliminating hazards
  • Discuss incident prevention techniques

Course Title: Proactive vs. Reactive Safety Methods (Includes class exercises)

This is a 2-day day that covers basic Human Performance and People Based Safety Principles and strategies.

Topics will include:

  • Learn Human Performance, People Based Safety Principles
  • Learn how Human Performance events impact operational performance
  • Review how events occur- Human error, organizational weaknesses and individual mistakes
  • Learn “people based” improvement strategies

Course Title: Supervisor Incident Investigation Training

This course is taught in a 1 day format. Good incident investigations may serve as the “last line of defense”. Once an incident has occurred, it is important to determine the facts and develop a plan to ensure a reoccurrence does not happen in the future. Basic causal factors, including the root cause, must be determined before a plan can be developed. Unfortunately most investigators stop at the direct and contributing causes. If the root cause is not determined, the conditions which allowed the event to occur may still be present in the workplace.

This session can be tailored to Electric Power Frontline leaders. This session will address:

  • Accident vs. Incident- Reviewing basic incident prevention strategies
  • System Approach vs. worker error- Developing a systematic approach instead of blaming
  • Causal factors- Determining direct, contributing and root causes
  • Root Cause Analysis- 5 Whys, Accident Causation Model, JSA’s
  • The Investigation- Investigating techniques for gathering the facts, sketching and photography, graphics, preserving evidence, interviews
  • Writing and submitting a complete incident investigation report to management

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