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Safety Perception Surveys

SET Solutions Safety Perception Survey will provide a measurable glimpse of the present “big picture” of your safety process. This is an easy way to assess your employees perception concerning the safety process. The survey can be performed completely anonymously or otherwise, as requested.

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We start with a list of questions that have been developed by our behavioral professionals. We spend time with you reviewing the questions and updating them as necessary to meet each company's specific needs and work environment. Once the questions are completed and approved they are uploaded to our on-line survey format along with an excel spreadsheet of employee email addresses. Once uploaded, each employee will receive an email with survey instructions and an allotted completion time.

Once all surveys are completed we will develop a detail report including a statistical analysis of results.

Our Safety Perception Surveys can be performed as a baseline or a bench mark to assess the impact of corrective efforts and to verify the continued success of the safety function.

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