Electric Power Substation Safety Awareness

Activate Your Safety Process Through Distance Learning
Each Session is a one-hour webinar designed to engage students through polls, questions, and on-line responses. A written review will be included at the end of the series. Students with an 80% or greater will be awarded a certificate of successful completion for Electric Power Substation Safety Awareness.
All sessions are at 11:00 am EST

Who should participate in the webinar series?

Anyone who may enter an electric power substation

How can these sessions be used?

Provide baseline education on electric power substation hazards and controls. They should be used in coordination with a site proficiency review to ensure students can apply the knowledge appropriately prior to substation entry.


SA-1 Substation Overview

This session is designed to highlight the purpose and function of an electric power substation and to describe training and qualification requirements along with types of electrical hazards found in substations.

  • Describe the purpose and functions of substations.
  • Define training and qualification requirements for substation entry and work.
  • Describe types of electrical hazards found in substations.

SA-2 Substation Entry and Job Briefing Requirements

This session is designed to highlight substation entry, job briefing requirements and regulatory requirements when entering electric power substations.

  • Define the requirements for entering a substation.
  • Describe hazard assessment and job briefing requirements for substation entry and work.
  • Describe regulatory and consensus standard requirements associated with electric power substations.

SA-3 Substation Components and Equipment Overview

This session is designed to give an overview of substation components and equipment along with associated hazards and effective controls.

  • Describe the purpose and function of major substation equipment and components.
  • Describe hazards and controls associated with substation equipment and components.

SA-4 Substation Safety Precautions

This session is designed to review approach distances and safety precautions that must be followed with entering and/or working within substations.

  • Define Minimum Approach Distances (MAD) for Qualified and Unqualified employee entry and work
  • Describe safety precautions for working in a substation.


Scott Young headshot

Scott Young

Scott Young is a Senior Electric Power Safety Consultant of SET Solutions with over 35 years of electric utility substation experience. He is a Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), a Certified Substation Technician, a circuit breaker technician and an OSHA 10/30 hour authorized instructor. Scott is an electric utility technical instructor specializing in high voltage substation electrical training including academics and hands-on. He is a published author and presenter at utility safety conferences throughout the US.

Scott began his career as an Apprentice Substation Technician, worked through lead Substation Electrician and advanced to Substation Skills Training Supervisor where he was responsible for training, managing, scheduling and updating a (4) year Electrical Substation Apprenticeship program. While working for an electric utility, Scott was instrumental in the development of a Safe Work Practices Manual for Substation Operations and the production of substation safety videos. Scott presently works with utilities and contractors to provide electric utility technical and safety specific training, specializing in high voltage substation electrical technical training, (Senior Consultant).

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Pam Tompkins

Pam Tompkins is President and CEO of SET Solutions, LLC. She is a 40-year veteran in the electric utility industry. Pam is a founding member of the USOLN (Utility Safety and Ops Leadership Network) and presently serves on the executive board.

She is a regular contributor to the iP magazine and other industry safety journals. As a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals), Pam has authored and presented technical papers on electric power safety issues at Electric Safety Workshops, national conferences, and Department of Energy EFOCG meetings.

Pam worked in the utility industry for over 20 years and has provided electric power safety consulting for the last 18 years throughout North America, Caribbean and Central America. She has supported utilities, contractors and other organizations operating electric power systems in designing and maintaining safety improvement methods and strategies for organizational excellence. She is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), a Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), a Certified Utility Safety Administrator (CUSA) and an OSHA authorized instructor. 

SET Solutions Electric Power Safety Consultants offer a broad spectrum of assessments, consulting and training services to provide safety solutions for a global workplace.

Our tools and support help you build and manage a sustainable safety system. SET Solutions is a full service safety management company that offers specialized assessment, consulting and training services for the electric power industry.
“SET Solutions provided an excellent 1910.269 OSHA assessment for our Corporation. Pam was attentive to detail, had a wealth of industry knowledge, and provided insightful feedback.”
– Jay H., Director of Safety & Technical Training

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