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Switching and Tagging Program Development

Do you have a Switching and Tagging program for your Transmission and Distribution operations (T&D)?

SET Solutions’ staff knows OSHA Electric Power general industry and construction standards and can successfully work with your team to develop a Switching and Tagging Program for your T&D operations. OSHA refers to T&D switching and tagging as “De-energizing Lines and Equipment for Employee Protection”.

Our team of trained consultants have years of electric power field compliance experience along with excellent writing and organizational skills to work with your team to deliver a comprehensive Switching and Tagging program for your T&D operations. If you are a small utility, a large utility or a contractor, we have the experience to develop and deliver a compliant program that will work within your organizational structure. We can work with your utility to develop a new program or update or audit your existing program for compliance with regulatory and consensus standards and industry “best” practices.

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