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Our Mission

The company’s core values includes a commitment to innovation and excellence in regards to worker safety initiatives along with a honest commitment to always do the “right thing”, never hesitating to protect human life first, the environment and plant. SET Solutions is further committed to providing organizations with appropriate tools and support to build and manage a sustainable safety system.

SET Solutions is committed to:

  • reducing or eliminating the risks of illness and injuries from workplace hazards
  • providing the most up-to-date technical and professional support to our clients
  • helping management control costs by adopting safe workplace practices and procedures
  • building our clients' trust through honesty and reliability
  • upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity

Our History

SET Solutions, LLC is a small woman-owned safety management consulting firm in business since 2000. SET Solutions has helped electric utilities, contractors and businesses throughout the U.S. manage safety issues through development of in-house training, safety compliance programs and risk based safety processes. We offer many training courses and programs for electric power, construction, water and sewer utilities, pulp and paper industries and general manufacturing and warehousing. Based in Lexington, South Carolina, SET Solutions began because of a genuine concern for the safety of individuals and a fervent believe in the benefits of workplace awareness and training.

SET Solutions' staff take great pride in custom-tailoring its programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our ever-increasing client base. Programs range from full-service safety management programs to on-the-job program development, to site-specific safety training programs.

SET Solutions is certified through the State of South Carolina Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance (OSMBA) as a Certified Woman Owned Business. This certification allows clients to participate in developing a sound economic base in South Carolina through small minority business procurement.

SET Solutions is certified as a woman-owned business through the federal WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) program and the City of Orlando, Fl.

Meet Our Staff

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